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PhD defense of Alban Galland

September 19th, 2011
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Alban Galland will defend his PhD, September 28th 2011 at 15:00, room 455 of PCRI at Gif-sur-Yvette (Plateau de Saclay)

Title: Distributed Data Management with Access Control
– Social Networks and Data of the Web

Abstract: The amount of information on the Web is spreading very rapidly. Users as
well as companies bring data to the network and are willing to share with
others. They quickly reach a situation where their information is hosted on
many machines they own and on a large number of autonomous systems
where they have accounts. Management of all this information is rapidly
becoming beyond human expertise. We introduce WebdamExchange, a
novel distributed knowledge-base model that includes logical statements
for specifying information, access control, secrets, distribution, and knowl-
edge about other peers. These statements can be communicated, replicated,
queried, and updated, while keeping track of time and provenance. The
resulting knowledge guides distributed data management. WebdamEx-
change model is based on WebdamLog, a new rule-based language for
distributed data management that combines in a formal setting deductive
rules as in Datalog with negation, (to specify intensional data) and active
rules as in Datalog¬¬ (for updates and communications). The model pro-
vides a novel setting with a strong emphasis on dynamicity and interactions
(in a Web 2.0 style). Because the model is powerful, it provides a clean
basis for the specification of complex distributed applications. Because it
is simple, it provides a formal framework for studying many facets of the
problem such as distribution, concurrency, and expressivity in the context
of distributed autonomous peers. We also discuss an implementation of a
proof-of-concept system that handles all the components of the knowledge
base and experiments with a lighter system designed for smartphones. We
believe that these contributions are a good foundation to overcome the
problems of Web data management, in particular with respect to access

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Webdam at Yearly LSV Meeting

June 17th, 2010
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Yannis Kastis gave a presentation of Webdam Current Research Directions, Wednesday 16 june 2010, at the Yearly LSV Meeting “Barbizon 2010″.

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News for the beginning of the year

January 15th, 2010
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The webdam team wish you an happy new year!

The project is now running for more than one year. We have already found some interesting results in a large spectrum of directions: task sequencing in data-driven workflow, querying probabilistic data, access control on the web and web archiving. You will find more results on the annual activity report . We are really excited by the new challenges we will meet this year.

More practicaly, Tova Milo and Balder ten Cate will both visit Webdam end of january.

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