Active XML version 2.1

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  • The documentation of Active XML v2.1.4 (pdf)
  • An older version of the documentation, ActiveXML v2.0 (html)

Download ActiveXML

The latest releases could be found on ObjectWeb web site -> ActiveXML project -> Files section.

The distribution of ActiveXML could be found on ObjectWeb SVN repository, ActiveXML2 folder.

History of repository

  • (July 2008) A new release of ActiveXML is available and a new documentation for version 2.1.4.
  • (March 2008) The sources of ActiveXML version 2.0 (ActiveXML2) are on SVN repository.
    ActiveXML2Ext contains the ActiveXML documentation and tests (regression tests to be run before comitting on SVN)
  • (November 2007) The version of ActiveXML is branched (almost forked) into the branch 'eXist' and also tagged as 'V2'. In other words to get the latest changes use the branch 'eXist' and to get the last working version use the tag 'V2'.
  • (2006) AXML v1 is on CVS.


We acknowledge Headway Software for giving us free licenses of Structure101 for analyzing and managing the architecture of ActiveXML.