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Webdam dissemination

April 2nd, 2010

Serge Abiteboul attended the Datalog 2.0 Conference, at Oxford. He presented a survey of works around AXML and Webdam (Abiteboul10WSOxford)

Ioana Manolescu organized a very interesting panel at the last Conference on Extending Database Technology in Lausanne (joint with International Conference on Database Theory). Serge was a member of the panel (Manolescu10EDBTPanel, Abiteboul10EDBTPanel). Recent Webdam works on probabilistic XML was also presented at ICDT.

Serge is co-organizer of the Dagstuhl workshop Enabling Holistic Approaches to Business Process Lifecycle Management.

It is nice to see that topics that are important for Webdam are gaining popularity:

  • Datalog that was not very fashionable is striking back.
  • Data-centric workflows are one of the topics of the Dagstuhl workshop.
  • In general there is renewed interest for distributed data management.

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